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Pachitla Creek Plantation: Premier Bow Hunting Outfitter in Georgia

About Our Plantation

About Our Plantation

Pachitla Creek Plantation is well located in the Albany hunting plantation community and the famed Flint River drainage system near Nochaway, Deer Run, and Caney Creek Plantations, three of the area’s finest hunting properties.

In fact, this beautiful plantation has two miles of frontage on Pachitla Creek which runs into the Ichauway-Nochaway Creek and then into the Flint River.  The property is characterized by upland pine woodlands with numerous drainage features that provide diversity.

The well-managed pine plantations have been thinned to allow sunlight to reach the forest floor and controlled burns have been used for decades to control brush and stimulate plant diversity.  Wildlife populations including quail, turkey, deer and hogs are abundant as a result.

The Vision

The Vision

South Georgia's Exclusively Archery Hunting Outfitter

The envisioned approach at Pachitla Creek Plantation is to utilize only archery equipment on deer, turkey and hogs and limit quail hunting to one party at a time on a limited basis in order to minimize the disturbance. Pachitla Creek Plantation had not been hunted in 17 years when it was purchased in the Fall of 2022 and was only hunted by a total of three hunters for one weekend during the 2022-2023 season after being purchased. The planned minimum-hunting activity with appropriate rest periods between hunts, intensive habitat management, and the year-round feeding program in conjunction with the existing abundance of game insure that visitors to Pachitla Creek Plantation are provided a quality experience.

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