Guided Archery Deer Hunts in Georgia

Guided Archery Deer Hunts in Georgia

Georgia Deer Bow Hunts

Bow-Only Deer Hunts

At Pachitla Creek Plantation, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best whitetail bow hunts in Georgia. ALL DEER HUNTS employ the use of archery tackle only - either traditional bows, compound bows, or crossbows. Shotguns and rifles are not allowed. Our commitment to remaining bow-only allows us to offer bow hunts for mature bucks that are minimally pressured and carefully managed.

Private Land Whitetail Hunts in Georgia

Kip Campbell from Red Arrow TV with a wide 8 point on opening day

Private Land Whitetail Hunts in Southwest GA

For 17 years, the plantation was not hunted and and was stringently protected by the previous owner all the way up until we purchased it in the Fall of 2022. As a result, the plantation is pristine and the whitetail deer move about freely depending on solunar activity and weather. Additionally, the previous "sanctuary" regime resulted in a deer population comprised of animals in all age classes with numerous mature trophy bucks 5+ years of age. Because of our desire to maintain the scenario described above, we strive to keep the human disturbance to a minimum and offer a limited number of deer bow hunts annually.

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Trophy Georgia Buck

186-inch South Georgia Buck

Trophy Whitetail Hunting

Our Management Plan

During your hunt with us, you can expect to have multiple encounters with trophy bucks approaching maturity. However, we maintain a strict minimum harvest criteria to allow younger bucks to reach their full potential. All trophy deer harvested at Pachitla Creek must be a mature Pope & Young buck that is 4.5 years or older and scores 130 inches or better.

What does this mean?

Yes, our management plan means you will likely need to pass on a few "tempting" bucks. However, this plan is in place to offer you the best possible chance at a true trophy buck! The plantation is home to an abundance of trophy deer, and it's only a matter of time until the right buck presents you with a shot.

During your hunt, the deer will be in bow range and hunters should therefore be able to distinguish between individual mature trophy Pope & Young deer and younger bucks, along with the help of trail-cam photos the guides will share before each outing. As a result of these efforts and the considerable expense we have incurred to produce deer of this caliber, we enforce a $1,000 penalty for shooting a buck that does not meet the above criteria in order to preserve and promote even larger deer at Pachitla Creek Plantation.

If you have any questions about our trophy quality policies, feel free to contact us.

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Deer & Hog Combo Hunts in Georgia

Deer & Hog Combo Hunts in Georgia

The Georgia hunting experience is never quite complete without some hog hunting action! During your deer hunt, unlimited hogs may be taken at no additional charge. Pachitla Creek Plantation is home to a healthy hog population and you never know when a pig will come out during your deer hunt. This adds an extra level of excitement to each sit, and it is a great way to continue hunting if you tag out early on a buck.

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