Guided Archery Turkey Hunts in Georgia

Guided Archery Turkey Hunts in Georgia

Turkey Bow Hunts in GA

Bow-Only Turkey Hunts

We are one of the only outfitters that offers archery-only turkey hunts. ALL TURKEY HUNTS employ the use of archery tackle, either traditional bows, compound bows, or crossbows, no rifles or shotguns. This means the birds are minimally pressured and carefully managed to ensure you a high percentage opportunity on a big tom.

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Eastern Turkey Hunts

Private Land Turkey Hunts in Southwest GA

Our property was protected and had not been hunted for 17 years before we purchased it in the Fall of 2022. As a result, the plantation is pristine and the individuals that make up the significant Eastern wild turkey population move about freely and are made up of all age classes with numerous mature trophy individuals. We strive to keep the disturbance on our turkey population to a minimum, so we only offer a very limited number of turkey hunts annually, and of course, keep them all archery-only.

Georgia Turkey Hunting

Our Turkey Management Plan

Hunters are expected to have multiple encounters with trophy turkeys approaching maturity. Hunters are therefore expected to wait for a mature gobbler with a full tail fan and a beard greater than 10 inches. The turkeys will be in bow range and hunters should therefore be able to distinguish between individual mature trophy gobblers and younger jakes. Considering these factors and our extensive efforts to grow our turkey population, we enforce a $1,000 penalty for shooting a turkey that does not meet the above-mentioned criteria.

Turkey & Hog Combo Hunts

Turkey & Hog Combo Hunts in Georgia

The Georgia hunting experience is never quite complete without some hog hunting action! During your turkey hunt, unlimited hogs may be taken at no additional charge. Pachitla Creek Plantation is home to a healthy hog population and you never know when a pig will come out during your turkey hunt.

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Turkey Hunts

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